100* : Some numbers matter a lot!

O i cannot believe it. I recently completed my 100th flight experience. Yes, i have been counting it since i flew for the first time in a Boeing 737.

Time for some masti!!! Ek selfie to banti hai aise mauke par ?

Life is a journey as many say, and so true it is. 
Travelling by flight is such a common thing today. I know for so many amongst us, it’s an everyday thing. But for me it’s not, and that’s why it’s so special for me.

My similar post in 2014 was when i completed 50 flight trips. It took me 10 years to reach that number. But i cannot believe it, in less than 3 years i got another 50 up my belt. Looks like I started playing T20s instead of ODIs ?

Happy Airfing everyone! 😉

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