Me on YouTube ?

If there was any place on the internet where you search for Majrul Ansari and won’t find any result was on YouTube ?.

I was not at all prepared for this, all thanks to Navin Reddy for giving me this opportunity, what an amazing guy he is. I met him during the JPMorgan program last year, and it has been a privilege to be connected with him since then. He has a dedicated YouTube channel with 100s of training videos on various technologies for you to learn. Go ahead, search for his channel on YouTube by the name “Telusko” and you will find him live in action. Great job, Navin. Keep up the good work man!

I enjoyed it so much recording this small session on REST WebServices. Please don’t​ watch it for learning REST ?, just enjoy it like i did.

Here we go ->




  1. Akshay Reply

    Hiii Majrul Ansari,

    Watched your video on YouTube .Really liked it!!!!!!! Looking forward to learn more from you. Please let me know where can i learn more from you

  2. Mirza Shujath Reply

    Yeah , im following your lectures of web services .. You remind me of my tutor Latheef sir during my engineering . Im a beginner in java now hope to find more stuff from you , as im following Naveen Reddy for Java course who is also a exceptionally good tutor and he introduced you that’s more than awesome ..

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