Me on YouTube ?

If there was any place on the internet where you search for Majrul Ansari and won’t find any result was on YouTube ?.

I was not at all prepared for this, all thanks to Navin Reddy for giving me this opportunity, what an amazing guy he is. I met him during the JPMorgan program last year, and it has been a privilege to be connected with him since then. He has a dedicated YouTube channel with 100s of training videos on various technologies for you to learn. Go ahead, search for his channel on YouTube by the name “Telusko” and you will find him live in action. Great job, Navin. Keep up the good work man!

I enjoyed it so much recording this small session on REST WebServices. Please don’t​ watch it for learning REST ?, just enjoy it like i did.

Here we go ->



100* : Some numbers matter a lot!

O i cannot believe it. I recently completed my 100th flight experience. Yes, i have been counting it since i flew for the first time in a Boeing 737.

Time for some masti!!! Ek selfie to banti hai aise mauke par ?

Life is a journey as many say, and so true it is. 
Travelling by flight is such a common thing today. I know for so many amongst us, it’s an everyday thing. But for me it’s not, and that’s why it’s so special for me.

My similar post in 2014 was when i completed 50 flight trips. It took me 10 years to reach that number. But i cannot believe it, in less than 3 years i got another 50 up my belt. Looks like I started playing T20s instead of ODIs ?

Happy Airfing everyone! 😉

Time to break ;-)

Oh, i am loving this new decal. I have always decorated the landscape offered by the Macbook’s i have owned. Iron Man, Po (My fav), Green Lantern, Donald Duck, and many others. This time decided to try something different and yes it’s looking pretty awesome too..



Once upon a time…


Hat-Trick : A proud moment

The words are the same everytime, but the meaning for me changed everytime i received it!

Feeling awesome 🙂


Useful Cydia tweaks working for iOS 9.3.3

I have been enjoying my jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 iPhone SE for last one month. It was such a long gap this time before a jailbreak solution popped up. It was months of hide and seek played by so many  developers before pangu finally made it public once again.

Following are the list of tweaks and themes i am enjoying it the most:

  • Anemone
  • Anchor
  • Asari theme
  • CClean
  • Cylinder
  • Easy Ringtone
  • FlipControlCenter
  • iCleaner
  • Lotus theme
  • Prism theme
  • Splitify (Perfect for plus users)

Please suggest if i am missing any important jailbreak tweak. Happy Jailbreaking! ?

Beauty of Nature!

On my recent visit to Mangalore and Udupi with my friends Zubair & Ram, i experienced something which was very unique. For the first time, i saw the raw beauty of nature and what can i say, i was left spellbound!

IMG_0090 IMG_0091IMG_0233

And when you look closely at the sand, you realise it’s not sand for the first time in your life! Awesome!


Public Lecture on Hibernate & Spring

Hello everyone. Once again i am planning a weekend lecture on Hibernate & Spring. Those who wish to upgrade, do get in touch with me for more details. Training location will be Mumbai. Happy Learning!

Public Lecture on Hibernate & Spring

Hello everyone. I am glad to announce a public weekend batch of total 6 days duration starting from March 7th 2015 covering Hibernate/JPA and Spring. Those who are interested in upgrading their skills should not miss this opportunity. Training location will be Andheri West, Mumbai. For fees and other details, please

50* : Up in the Air!

Wow! Just completed my 50th Flight experience. It took me 10 years to score these runs and there are so many who can easily do this in 10 overs ?

This word, life, it has so many meanings. On my 50th flight, i was trying to recollect the experience of my 1st flight. It’s unbelievable how such small things in life become memories for a lifetime.


Well if you ask me how many batches i have taken in the last 10 years, honestly speaking i have never counted them till now 😉

1995 – 2014 = Time Travel

My mobile number ends with 1995, Java was released in 1995, DDLJ was released in 1995, Before Sunrise was released in 1995, …

1995, off late everything is winding back to 1995. My mind is stuck in 1995. I don’t know but i can’t remember a random year of my life more than this one, 1995. I recently watched movies of these series, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset & Before Midnight and I was left wondering how 18 years unfolded in front of me. It was simply unbelievable. What i saw was real people getting old in front of me and i was just 5 hours old by the time i completed them. I was left speechless!

Also I still remember how crazy i was when DDLJ was released, i just wanted to watch this movie at any cost back then. When this week DDLJ completed 1000 weeks, i realized i was also a part of this journey. Oh man! My brain is going crazy right now, it seems as if i am time travelling right now. I think i should stop because i have a lecture tomorrow and i don’t want to be stuck in 1995 😉

I still don’t know if i have grown young or old with time. I think the age of a person has nothing do with time. If i remember just a few days or months or years of my life gone by, then what i have actually lived is a very small portion and the rest has just gone by, that was not my time.  I think it’s like yielding a Thread in Java, where you give your time to some other Thread to complete the task. Oh yes, now i am clear, now i understand what concurrency is all about 😛 Damn, it took me 19 years just to understanding Multithreading in Java 😉 and that too while i was writing this post 🙂 😀

And i still don’t know when will i be able to match my hair style with SRK of 1995 😉

Good night world, see you in 1995!